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30 September 1989
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Why m-i-c-k-y?? All because off cute lil Park Yoo Chun since "December 30th 2005". Created this LJ due to my 2 friends joursdepluie and azurer both one of the best graphic creator!!! Another thing is I rarely post but please visit here to keep in touch.

I've renamed my LJ after how many years... Suddenly felt like changing the name and making it a paid acccount. If you wondering the number are just the date of a special event.

name: Kari | mai | maiko
age: 19 (-_-)
dob: 1989 09 30 - {Y/M/D}
pob: China "guangzhou"
nationality: Chinese
language: Cantonese / Mandarin / English / Japanese / Korean (very little)
Current Location: Australia > Sydney
Websites: Graphic LJ | Media LJ

I live in a lonely corner pretty much by myself most of the time. I do open up to my friends and of cos that 1 boi I love. I basicly kill time online and come on who doesn't? My live really and completely depend on BigBang & DBSK that is of cos excluding my friends and my cute little boyfriend. I wonder if he minds me mentioning him but I'm proud of that boy. kekekeke

Big Bang, 東方神起 a.k.a DBSK - Tohoshinki, Ft-island, Wonder girls, AYAKA, Miyavi, Melody, Otsuka ai, Ayumi Hamasaki, Jay Chou, Yamashita Tomohisa, KAT-TUN, Raymond Lam, Kara, Kim Taeyeon, The GazettE, Hikaru Utada, Kagrra, Song hye gyo, Rain, Aqua Timez &&&&&&&&&& many more!!!
As mentioned all graphic here are made using adobe photoshop 7, so please don't ask. I don't teach people how to use photoshop or will not be able to help anybody. There is a difference between knowing and teaching. You know does not mean you can teach.

This LJ still contains some old graphic post however I've already moved them to my graphic LJ so please visit there if you're looking for icons or wallpapers.

You've also got some rules to follow:
1) if taken anything must credit.
2) must never edit my work.
3) direct linking is NOT allowed.
4) leave me a comment would be nice.

layout codes: paintedlayouts
profile layout codes: fruitstyle
e-mail: finding_fullmoon@hotmail.com
msn: finding_fullmoon@hotmail.com
ICQ: 170386801 (almost never goes on)
QQ: 752611411
cell phone: 0431 3x3 2x1 (you can start replacing any number in the x as you please)